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  1. Financial Audit
    We understand our clients, their business and industry and we help them to identify major risk and opportunities to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in achieving their objectives. We perform audit procedures to express an opinion on financial statements
  2. Accounting Reviews
    We perform certain analytical procedures to provide limited assurance on the financial statements.
  3. Accounting compilations
    We gather data and information to form financial statements.
  4. Agree-upon Procedures
    We establish specific procedures on subject matter, mutually agreed-to in advance with the clients, to ensure the accuracy and comparability of information in the financial statements.
  5. Financial Due diligence
    We provide practical tools and techniques to help our clients to identify any significant issues by conducting an effective investigation.

Business Advisory

  1. Business Plan
  2. Financial Analysis
  3. Financial Modeling
  4. Share Valuations
  5. Internal Control Review
  6. Design Accounting System and Procedures

Bookkeeping Services

We help small and medium business clients to prepare financial statements by processing accounting data and information