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General Tax Consultation

We will provide written and verbal consultation and advisory services, regarding the perceived implications of the currently prevailed tax rules and regulations.

Tax Compliance Services

We will process and file taxpayer's monthly obligation of submitting Tax Returns.

Annual Tax Returns

We will process and file taxpayer's annual obligation of submitting Tax Returns, including Annual Corporate Income Tax Return, Annual Employee Income Tax Return and Annual Individual Income Tax Return

Limited Tax Review Services

We will conduct a review on the client tax positions practices and procedures, identify their related potential exposures and recommends alternatives to be taken in order minimize or those exposures

Tax Verification

We will provide our full assistance during the course of tax verification.

Tax Objection and Appeal

Upon the client's request, we will prepare and file an objection letter to the Tax Office.

Tax Planning

Taking into account the client specific conditions we will analyze and recommended the best feasible alternatives to improve the client current tax practices anda procedures

Merger Process

We will recommended and process ways to minimize tax burden through utilization of the maximum tax facilities

Review Agreement

We will analyze possible tax implications which way arise with the signing of particular agreement

Outsource Services

By providing outsource services, our clients will focus on their core business.

  • Accounting Services, a comprehensive book-keeping process.
  • Payroll Services, a through and comprehensive payroll-related process.

Management Consulting

We support our client to maximize their competencies through

  • Budget and budgetary control
  • Pricing and cost analysis
  • Internal control review
  • Financial modeling and performace measurement
  • Accounting system evaluation and designs

In-House Training

We will deliver user-oriented tax and financial trainings which specifically formulate to meet the client specific needs.